See You in the Huffington Post!

While I’m not particularly excited about what the Huffington Post’s free content model does for working journalists, you can’t top it when you’re looking for exposure — and what author isn’t? An exceptional journalist by the name of Melissa Hunter contacted me recently to discuss the Habits of Highly Effective Women. She quoted me extensively, along with my fabulous friend Maseena Ziegler, author of the bestseller Ladies Who Launch–Hong Kong. We gave her an earful about a subject we’re both very passionate about–women succeeding in the workplace.

We talked about how we can use the assets unique to our gender to get ahead, while down playing or completely eliminating what are often considered our gender-specific weaknesses, like crying and moodiness. “There’s no crying in baseball, or the boardroom” I told Melissa. Click here to read the rest of our advice.


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