In Memory of Charla Krupp

A bright light went out on Jan. 23rd, when my good friend and talented style author Charla Krupp lost her battle with breast cancer. Charla, the author of “How Not to Look Old” and “How Never to Look Fat Again,” was only 58.

Charla and I first met on the CBS Early Show (see video at right), and we became fast friends, visiting each other when we were on either coast. She contributed a style piece to Career Comeback: ’12 Items You Need to Throw Away Now’ and ’12 Must-Haves for Every Hip Professional Woman.’ She also gave me a fabulous cover quote:

“I have been sharing Lisa’s tips with everyone I meet who is looking for a job–which is pretty much everyone I know. Do yourself a favor and read Lisa’s book before sending out another resume!”

I delighted in attending her book signings on the West Coast, and often brought a girl posse along. I look in my closet and she Charla’s tips and advice on just about every hanger, and in every drawer. She was a style genius and a talented communicator. She was also a warm, caring, generous and supportive individual.

She is a remarkable inspiration to all of us, and continues to inspire even now. Please, ladies, take care of yourselves. Get you examinations–don’t put them off. Each one of you is equally precious. I don’t want to lose any of you.

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  1. Shari says:


    So sorry to read about the loss of Charla. She was just too young to die. What a tragedy.


  2. Eva says:

    Hi – I read Charla’s book a little while ago and thought it was absolutely fabulous! Today on my birthday, I decided to look her up again on YouTube to actually listen to her advice and was completely shocked to read “you’ll be missed”..I”m thinking..”oh, no..that’s not good post” I googled her and learned that she had passed away.
    She had such an energetic, vibrant personality that came across to people who did not know her that inspired. Inspired people like me to change my looks and and my lipstick to pink! I would never have tried pink lipstick if it wasn’t for Charla’s book. I’m completely shocked and sad because her advice was so awesome. Very sad. My mother, Teresa, too passed away from Breast cancer so I saw first hand the suffering of breast cancer. It was the worst moment in my life when my mother passed away…oh, my heart goes out to her family…she will be missed by alot of people including people like me who need good advice!

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